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Important periodontal research for closing your dental year

The American Academy of Periodontology circulated a good recap of recent research about oral health and its connection to systemic health.  These points are good to know, and we share them below. “Research has shown that there may be an association between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, […]

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Five best practices for the dental hygienist maintaining implant patients

The role of the dental hygienist is critical in implant maintenance, and in our office, we’ve created a hygienist protocol around five best practices.

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Tips for your teeth at Thanksgiving — and always

This season, we’re recommending that patients put themselves on the path to a healthy mouth by adopting healthy habits now. No need to wait for the new year.

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How to smile

How to smile!

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Watch out for those giant burgers

Always chop your food down to size.

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Four things to know about menopause and periodontal disease

For Jane Q. Citizen: if your doctor is not asking you questions about your oral health, bring it up in your next examination. Tell your doctors that you want periodontal status to be an aspect of your annual physicals and gynecological exams.

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You’ve got your dental implant. To get home free, you have to be a Giant of maintenance.

These three things are essential to protecting your investment in your dental implants – and keep you batting 1000 with that smile.

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Mayo Clinic Health Manager — a new trend in healthcare

We visit the new Mayo Clinic Health Manager site.

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Join us on Facebook

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Periodontal surgery and your heart

Chronic periodontal disease is widespread in the general population, and a significant proportion of adults suffer from the most severe form of the disease. The more we treat it, the better chance we have of preserving our overall health.

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